Gossey Lane Junior Infant and Nursery School

Gossey Lane - Junior, Infants & Nursery School

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  • Monday 31st October - Children return to school

On 1st of May 2016, we became part of Washwood Heath Multi-Academy Trust.

Please click here to read the letter to parents/carers from our Chair of Governors regarding our conversion.



  • Fun because we can play with our friends, explore frosty cobwebs outside, play in the sand and water and listen to lovely stories (Reception collective quote)
  • Fun because I like to write and draw.  (Lexie, Year 4)

  • Great! I love phonics because I can read the words. (Aimee, Year 4)

  • Cool and fun because I get to do lots of work. (Cerys, Year 5)

  • Fantastic because it’s a friendly place to be. (Alfie, Year 6)




We are Gossey Lane,

We are the best,

We're all stronger together,

And we beat the rest.


We're all hardworking,

and never give up,

We refuse to lose,

We have good luck.


Helping and sharing,

We care for each other,

We're like a big family,

Sister and brother.


Our teachers are the best,

Every one of them has talent,

They never give up,

They always keep a fair balance.


Shining like stars,

Keeping us well educated,

Bringing us joy,

Showing the world they're dedicated.


Our backgrounds are unique,

And our heritage is different,

We treat each other equally,

Because we are resilient.


We're from different places,

Across the land

But we are united,

Together we stand!


by Year 5



Our new office phone doesn't allow for voicemail messages. If you need to contact us out of Office hours, please email enquiry@gosseylane.org.uk