It is St. George's Day on Monday 23rd April. Children can come dressed in something red.

The Big Read

We are taking part in this year’s The Big Read (

After a successful Readathon, we were able to raise enough money to buy a book bench for school. All proceeds from the purchase of the book bench go to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

When our bench arrived it was just plain white so we asked the children to come up with some designs for decorating it.

Mrs Dowling has combined all the children’s ideas together into one big design. First she had to draw the design onto the bench. Afterwards she asked the children to help her paint it.

We have entitled it: Somewhere Over the Book Bench.

It has now been collected from school and will be situated in a location (to be confirmed) as part of The Big Read.

Once the event is over, the book bench will return to Gossey Lane and take pride of place.


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Gossey Lane Academy

Our staff ‘shout out’ board is ready for all the ‘thankyous’ next term... wonder if we can beat last term... 🤔⭐️🌈

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